Bas – Live For

​​​[Verse: Bas]​​​
Mama told me you were getting sicker
Daily she’d call me say it’s my name
You were calling, I mean, I was your favorite
I was named after your father, you were the sweetest aunt
Never had kids of your own but you made me your own
Busy on the road, I couldn’t make it back home
You couldn’t make it that long, I’ll never forgive my self
I think I love just the hurting fact
I think I love when you hurt me back
Til we under the dirt, I keep you close
Yeah, under my shirt
I keep you tucked to the side
I’m Mr. Jekyl, I got something to hide
I fancy love, but I get stuck off of pride
I hope you understand
I got a list of daily lovers
Succumb to the beast or become it, live from the belly of it
Just trying to survive, I’m searching for any others
Lets get together make the whole world believe us
New world allegiance, fiends living our dreams out
Nigga believe it
Seen the world three times, nigga believe it
They out here selling peace signs, you niggas believed it
I don’t
My behaviors unbecoming
My neighbors look at me funny like I should move out
Nigga you get a new house
This shit ain’t easy
Multiple choices I had, turned into voices I have
No where to run, I’m moving forward and forging the path filling the loneliness path
Nigga, this shit ain’t easy
So spare me the front and the fake
You ain’t put shit in the pot, fuck is you touching the plate?

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