Edai – 6ix Mafia Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I say gang with me, got the tech on me
You ain’t gone take from me
She ache for me
We got secrets safe, that shit ain’t safe with me
You fake to me
Lot of niggas fake, these pussies make believe
LA Goon, bitch we LA Gang and we still play for keeps
Straight to me
Pull up in that straight, it ain’t no chasing me
Pay for me
Count this money up, bitch please don’t wait for me
She straight to me
Plus I been whippin’ up for [?]
Pray for me
Cause I’m in these streets
This shit ain’t safe for me
Gang, gang, gang

I been to jail I ain’t say no names
She catch an uber, we just rent a train
Man I know that bitch that’s what’s her face
Only really did that shit but four doors got me on the lean
Do that bitch, ok she down with me, she ain’t gone want to leave
Better keep my kids but they ain’t babies, all they only see
Broken on the death, I die myself man, I can barely breathe

Gang, blood in, blood out
Blood in, blood out
Blood in, blood out
Blood in, 6 [?] bitch

[Verse 2]
She tryna shake my hand, boy I’m straight jockin’ on that bitch
We ridin’ in that coupe, she put that sloppy on my shit
I got them Rockies on my wrist, I got them [?] in my shit
Be careful when you pull up, it ain’t no stoppin’ on my shit
I stopped up on your bitch, my name say papi in her shit
I took off in this shit now who gone stop me in this shit
They tryna lock me in this shit, they tryna box me in this shit
Don’t tweak with me boy best to come proper on my shit
That gang with me you know we gone get hostile in this bitch
From Chiraq so you know we got some choppers in this bitch
We got some thotses in this bitch, we got some drivers in this bitch
We got some lackers in this bitch, I’m always trapping in this bitch
(Gang, gang)
We got no actors in this shit, it ain’t no lacking in this bitch
It ain’t no capping in this shit (Gang, gang)
We gone get cracking in this bitch, it ain’t no slacking in this bitch
They talkin’ about clapping me in this bitch (Gang)
Sip my lean that’s with my team, and bitch you know we from the six
In the streets we went to war with whoever don’t want to dig
Count that money up, I need a lot, I want them hundreds bitch
Never been a real one, so bitch boy don’t front your shit
(Gang, gang)

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