Jonwayne – Blue Green (feat. Low Leaf) (Rap Album Two Album)

[Verse 1: Jonwayne]
I just cancelled my tour
I just woke up in bed
I had last nights dinner on the sheets
I had a burning in my throat I couldn’t swallow
I had shuffled to the mirror and saw death over my head
If i was sleeping on my back I would’ve died
Jameson in my blood
Jameson in my eyes
Jameson on my mind
I know I need to stop
But if I’m flying, it’s Jameson on the ride
This how I’m making money but a cost to my life
Digging in my arms over turbulent flights
Walking down the aisle blood from where I scratched
Stewardess looking worried but she’s too afraid to ask
So if you find me in the state please give me two
Its just me slipping through these greens and these blues
I know that sounds foolish but who knew that I’d be living the life I barely knew but always dreamed of
And you sweep anything under these rugs to let ’em all know your name that’s a dangerous drug
Runnin’ a marathon but with batons and get gone when your asked to pass it on
Pass it on

[Verse 2: Low Leaf]
I awaken to a new day
I create who I’m becoming
Connect to something
A journey through the desert
City and the tales they’re running through these hills, now
I be running through these hills now
I be running through these hills now

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