Jonwayne – Human Condition (Rap Album Two Album)

[Verse 1]
Put my mind in my head
And my head in my hands
And my hands on this body
And my body on land
And this land on this earth
And this earth in the system
And the system in my thoughts
And my thoughts into wishes
And this wishes are just dreams
These dreams are just goals
These goals
Make a man wanna be more than that
And the ghosts just laugh
And hope that I don’t pass
This is an ode to my opposition
I know my flow is full of contradiction
And good luck getting the right brain to play with the left
But hand over breast
I’m gonna try as long as plant life sustaining my breath
The very same God used for badminton with Death
That hot smog riddled Los Angeles breath
That hard, heavy hitting old Anakin breath
And opposition get that old mannequin rest
Cause after this they know there’s no more expanding their chest

[Verse 2]
Watch me hang to the rim as these people feel the grim
My people kicking buckets like (sighs)
And that’s a fine commitment to the human condition
You say committing sin
But i say stupid decisions
You’ll throw tomato in the face of bravado
Not my fault that the Model-T is parked in the pothole
Get out my grotto
Before I get out the bottle
(Get out my face)
I don’t wanna see a doctor or hospital
I’m fine and this age is just a number
I’m seeing triple digits, no wonder
My eyesight is shit
My mind is asunder
My hands are in the cup
And my body is under
A lot of pressure with this poisonous flask
No measure when I take off the mask
Keep my soul under glass
The devil’s shopping through the window
Since I was hanging loose with these lame-ass kiddos
It’s foggy through the Grey Goose and Gray Gas indo

For real

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