Nines – I Wonder (feat. Akala) (One Foot Out Album)

[Verse 1: Nines]
I wonder if my parents never met
Middle man, made a killing yo I wonder will I ever meet the ‘nect
Wonder how these niggas sellout for a check
Wonder if she knows I woulda made her wifey if she had a better rep
Wonder why they don’t wanna see me shine
Wonder will I ever leave the streets
But I [?] so I can have a piece of mind
I wonder why I love buyin’ ice
Wonder how my nigga Cash and Hydro felt when the judge gave them life
Let’s go, I wonder how they cope
I wonder if my chick would still love me if I was broke
I wonder how all these guns get into my area
Wonder why they care about celebs instead of Syria
Wonder will get a L plate or get merked
Wonder why they care about someone else’s net worth
I wonder out of all tracks what’s my best verse
And I wonder if them paigons know they about to get burst
It’s Nines…

[Skit: Akala]
What kinda person would you have been if you grew up in Hampstead instead of Harlesden?
Once you grew up in High Wycombe instead of Harlesden?
Who knows, look at the stuff you’ve been through
And what you’re surrounded by
Your environment don’t define you
But how do you transcend it?
But at the same time, you’re growing
Mandem are listening to you, and youtdem are listening to you
What are you gonna do with that platform now?
That’s what you wanna ask yourself

[Verse 2: Nines]
Wonder will the lord forgive me for my sins
Wonder if them lifers hear me on the radio
Or miss me on the wing
I know they wonder what kinda numbers my bud line do
Wonder if them broke niggas know, I was just like you
Wonder will Arsenal ever win the league
Wonder why they notice my bad and not my good deeds
Wonder why I’m so cool with all this weed in the base
Wonder how’d it be if I grew up in a different place
Free my nigga Wonder I wish he was free
I can hear them sirens comin’, wonder if it’s for me
I had my hand on a scale when you was touchin’ the remote
They don’t put in work but got nerve to wonder why they broke
All these new niggas actin like they graffed it with me
Family member holla only when they askin’ for P
I know they wonder how I kill these tracks
It’s the middle of the drought, I know they wonder how we still got packs
It’s Nines…

[Skit: Akala & ?]
Would you be the same if you had the opportunity to access the other groups we would just naturally have born in time? No, what are we gonna do about that?
What can we build?
Can we change anything, or is it just set the way it’s set?
I don’t know, I wonder the same stuff all the time
There’s a certain essence that you have
There’s a certain spirit inside of you that has to come out
That is a part of who you are as well

There’s Nines and then there’s Courtney
They act like the mandem on the street corner are the criminals
But the real criminals are in suits and ties
Sending arms to crazy countries around the world
War is profitable, murder is profitable
You understand?
And then they look at us like "Yo you people are the…"
Our badness ain’t nuttin’ compared to their badness
Their badness is real badness and our badness is joke badness
And when you’re on the road ting you gotta ask yourself
"Boy, year in year out the food gets in and out of the country you ain’t got no place"
You know what I mean, and your connect’s connect’s connect’s connect’s connect
Who’s that man, you understand?
Illegal drugs is worth 16 billion a year to the UK economy
That ain’t used in Harlesden, or Tottenham, or Peckham, or East Glasgow
It’s someone else, somewhere else making most of that P
But there’s bigger questions…
Yo Nines

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